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Monday, May 21, 2012

Tip of the Week

Hi Everyone,

I thought because I have so much knowledge in my head after 25years in the industry, I want to share this information with you all.  So each week I will have Tip of the Week.  Some of you may know this information already, some may not.  I find any information helps us grow and most of the times I've already made the mistake before you all.  Hopefully I will try to post the tip on a Monday, so here goes the first one

Border Punching - When border punching I always use my centering ruler and find the centre and mark with a pencil 2" each side of my centre along the edge of the paper.  On the Martha Stewart punches you have marks along the top edge.  If the punch doesn't have marks along the top edge I make my own by using my centreing ruler.  Slide your centering ruler into the slot  where you would normally punch and make sure your punch is centred on your ruler.  I then mark with a permanent pen 2" either side along the top edge of my punch.  I then use these marks as a guide to match up my paper when punching.

Before you punch make sure your card or paper is cut to the correct size for your card or scrapbook page. When you are ready to punch you find the centre and mark 2" either side of the centre, slide paper into punch and match up either the line or your marks on your punch and punch the middle first, then punch either side out to your edges.  By following this you will always find your punched edge finishes in the pattern exactly the same both side edges.  By using this method you can also punch both sides of your card and it will match both sides as well.

Hope this helps you all when punching those edges now you can hopefully have it all matching.

If you have time leave a comment to let me know if I've helped you.

Thanks for stopping by
Love Karen

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